Jun 262017

regrow hair

How to regrow your hair? So this is something that is very important, I believe for many men, who are obviously experiencing hair loss at a non-present rate in our society; but there’s also more and more important unfortunately to women. And that is something that is very disheartening.

Now, let’s go into actual techniques that I had to do to stop hair loss. By the way, all these methods are based on my understanding of physiology; it is based on my experience when I had to tackle and heal severe illnesses and injuries in my body and recover from them, come from them altogether. So, this is based on some experience I already had with various health difficulties.


You must start drinking more water. You can see that water is crucial, it hydrates your entire body, speeds up the recovery, takes out the toxins (if the water is clean and filtered). And furthermore, if you understand that each cell in our body is roughly 98% water then you begin to understand how water is crucial for that cell. In fact, your brain is the same or the somewhat close equivalent of water. Your skin demands water on daily basis. Water impacts the skin right away. Since hair grows out of the skin, it is very crucial that we take in a proper dose of water daily. And the appropriate amount would be, I would say two liters for everybody. If you’re between 140 pounds to 240 pounds and more – 2 liters of water daily will not hurt you.

I was already drinking water before hair loss started to occur in my body. But then I had to increase it. So, often when something is going wrong with your health, and you think “Well, I’m already doing all these healthy things,” you need to step up and increase the frequency or the amount of what you are doing towards for your health. So, that’s that. Increase your water intake.


The next step is making sure that you eat healthy. And that is a very important and that most people, especially the individuals, who are experiencing hair loss, neglect. How do you expect your body to recover, how do you hope to reverse illnesses and disease if what you’re eating is poisoned? So, you have to start eating healthy. I understand that this is a modern life; pesticide free, not genetically modified fruits and vegetables may not be available to you. The meat that is on the shelves in the supermarket is all full of hormones and so forth. I get all that, but you should start making every attempt to eat as many vegetables as possible, to try to find those not genetically modified products, to try to find things that heal your body or contribute to your recovery process, and learn about them. What helps your body, what does not. And this entire world of eating correctly, this whole bunch of information out there – learn it. Do the best of your ability, amplify your efforts because food can either heal you or can kill you. It is as simple as that.

Jan 042017

Use it or lose it

If you’re in between relationships, it’s important that you stay connected to your sexual energy. Most guys don’t need to be encouraged to self-pleasure, but if you aren’t, then I want you to start. And if you are, I bet that you can do it better. And here’s what I mean by that. When most guys have sex, or they masturbate, they end up feeling tired afterward, and so the right way to masturbate is in a way, that makes you feel revitalized afterward. So I suggest that you have a minimum three times a week practice, so that self-pleasuring or making love, and I want you to do it in a way, that actually hacks your hormones, and you’ll build more dopamine and testosterone in the process.

So there are very simple techniques that you can incorporate into your regimen. So not only will you be strengthening your erectile powers, but you’ll be giving yourself an overall energy and testosterone boost – all important for strong erections. And like I always say “I don’t do coffee I do orgasms.”

Take VigRx Plus Male Enhancement Pills

Let’s be honest with you, you can’t increase your sexual satisfaction, get rock hard erections and enhance your sex drive without supplement. Your main goal is to determine which product will suits you the most. So you have to look closer at the ingredients in the formula chosen, ask experts, learn what customers say. It’s important to ask your doctor about the allergic reactions you may have. To learn what’s trending these days, visit this male enhancement review site vigrxplusresearch.com. It shows the current rank of every pill, that is popular today. The rating is based on customers’ voting

Reduce or eliminate porn

Excessive porn creates this addictive like dependency, where you need greater and greater degrees of stimulation and intensity to get to the same payoff. And so this whole process saps your dopamine and your testosterone, which means weaker and non-existent erections over time. I was really kind of surprised to hear this, but in a way maybe not, but the largest growing demographic of Viagra users is teenage boys. Recent studies have shown that around thirty percent of boys aged to 16-21 have issues with erectile dysfunction. IE daily porn viewers, they’ve got nothing left. So go easy on the staff.

Penile weight lifting

Well, guys, your penises can lift weights as well and they ought to. Having a weak pelvic floor not only leads to incontinence issues, but weakens your erections and your orgasmic control. So just like any other part of your body it needs to be worked out. So when you strengthen your pelvic floor, you not only have stronger and longer lasting erections, but you have more powerful orgasms, and you can give your partner more powerful orgasms, you can really articulate flex, move that penis like an independent entity. You get very very much penis intelligence, as I like to call it; you create your brand new super penis. And believe me, a woman can feel the difference between a guy who works out his cock and one who does not.

Release stress daily

Stress increases your level of cortisol and decreases your testosterone, which makes your erections droop. So, truthfully, chronically tense and anxious men also make a woman go dry. So you need to have daily outlets,where you can relieve your stress and better channel that energy. A couple of my favorite daily stress relieving techniques are one meditation. It actually changes the physical structure of your brain within eight weeks of starting a daily practice. And the results you have: decreased stress, decreased depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and an increased quality of life. These are recent studies done through a Harvard scientists researcher. Exercise, not only while working out, relax you, calm your mind, and get you high, but it’s also going to build a bigger and stronger penis. So specific exercises like weight or hit training increasing, dopamine, testosterone, which is essential penis building blocks.

Solidify your relationship

When your relationship is solid, your penis will be solid. Guys often don’t make the connection, that their erection has anything to do with their arousal. Meaning, if you’re in the middle of a rough patch with your lover partner, that will often be reflected in your erection. It may not be as responsive or as strong. Guys have been programmed to believe that they ought to be able to get erections anytime, anywhere, and, truthfully, if you follow my suggestions, you can. However, the erection does not lie. If you haven’t been getting along with your partner lately and your erection is lackluster, then you have your answer. And once you deal with any underlying issues and resolve them between, you’ll often find that your erection returns in full force.

I have a funny story about this erection-attraction idea. A guy friend of mine years ago went through a breakup and he was all excited that now he was single, and can go out, and sleep with a bunch of women. And he was sleeping with about four women at the same time. And he came to me, and he was very stressed out, and he said “I’ve got this issue, I never had this before, but I’m having impotence issues, and I can’t get it up with three of the girls out of four, that I’m sleeping with. But the one that I really like – no problem. I always get an erection with her”, and I’m like: “How do you not hear, what you’re saying and put this together?”. But he didn’t, because he had this idea that he should be able just to have an erection and love anyone, anytime. Yet the woman, he really did have feelings for, it was no problem at all.

May 242016


One of the most common problems encountered by men in the sexual department would be the premature ejaculation. It is a condition where you ejaculate faster than you would want it to be. Therefore, you have no complete control over when and where you would like to ejaculate. Luckily, in this era of modern medicine technology, you don’t have to worry anymore about such things. There are so many things that you can do in order to prevent the premature ejaculation to happen using Prosolution Plus. Here are some of the best things that you can do to deal with premature ejaculation – read this Prosolution Plus review

The method of edging

For those who suffers from premature ejaculation, the method of edging could be the long-term solution to their problems. You can always use the method of edging in order to control the flow of ejaculation. The way you do edging is a lot of fun so you can do it on a daily basis. Basically, you just masturbate like usual until you feel like you are about to finish. But right before that, you need to stop and then ultimately end the sensation. Rest for a while and do the same thing again in repetition. This will train you to control your ejaculation.

The Method of Kegel


You might have heard about Kegel before as a form of exercise for women. Despite so, Kegel is not just for women and their vagina. You can also use it to train your PC muscle which is the muscle that controls the flow of ejaculation. Kegel in men is pretty simple to do. You just need to clench the PC muscle which is the muscle between your penis and also your anus. Clench it for several seconds and release it. Do it in repetition for several minutes to see the full result.

Herbal Remedies

Next, one of the best ways to treat your premature ejaculation would be through the use of herbal remedies. There are some herbs that you can use in order to treat your premature ejaculation. They are mostly natural, and they are super safe to be used at any given time. Here are some of the most popular herbs to treat premature ejaculation.

  • Korean Ginseng


Ginseng has always been known to be an excellent herb for male sexuality. It brings a total strength to whoever use it, especially for guys. Not only it will give you strength and stamina, but it will also bring you full control over your sexuality. In another word, you will be able to treat your premature ejaculation problem.

  • Yohimbe


Yohimbe is a herb that originated from the land of Africa. It contains a substance called L-Arginine that can boost the production of testosterone in a man’s body. Therefore, by consuming this herb, you will develop a stronger sexuality. Yohimbe bark will allow you to have an increased quality of sex including lasting longer in bed. Thus, it will be able to treat a premature ejaculation issues if you consume this herb on a regular basis.

There are products like Climinax Ultra that contain most of the herbal extracts, that delay ejaculation. If you choose the right formula, you can last longer in bed. You will need to take pills 1-3 months before you see any changes in your ejaculation time.

Apr 122016


Breast augmentation surgery is such a scary process for those who are planning to do it. There are so many myths that come with breast augmentation surgery. Most of them are not that pleasant and might scare you to the maximum capability that you develop hesitation about doing it. You certainly will need to know which are facts and which are myths. In doing so, you can decide whether you want to have surgery with a clear mind. For that very reason, we would like to tell you all the most common myths when it comes to breast enlargement surgery.

About the feel

The most common breast augmentation surgery myth would usually be about the look and the feel of it. The biggest myth about is that you might come out with an apparent look of fake boobs. You might also be able to tell if your boob is fake by its touch and the likes. Despite so, such thing is actually not correct. You will not be able to tell if one has a breast augmentation surgery unless they go extreme in size, or they say about it. The placement of the implant is general below the muscle so people won’t notice it.

They last forever

Plastic surgery doctor draw line on patient breast augmentation

People will usually assume that breast enlargement is something that you can have forever. The fact is, breast enlargement surgery won’t give you permanent results. You will have to do a thorough maintenance about it because they might leak or break after a long time. Usually, people will change the implant or go to the doctor to check it after ten years. Of course, you can always make it last forever, but you will have to make sure that you are taking care of it.

Apparent surgery scar


The last thing that people are afraid of when considering breast enlargement surgery would be the scar after the surgery. The general myth is that you will be able to see the scar clearly after your wound heal. That is actually not the correct facts. The insertion of the implant into your breast will be done from the best and the most strategic place in your body. It will be done through under the bust, the nipple, or under the arm. You can always make sure that your surgery scar will not affect the look of your new breast at all.

Breast enhancement pills is a great alternative to costly and dangerous breast surgery. There are a lot of talks around these products, but you should visit alternative medical websites to see the proofs of the effectiveness of this method. Look for the reviews from real customers, there is a lot of information regarding breast enlargement products on forums and blogs. This review site is recommended to visit before you buy any product

Feb 232016


In this article, we will be talking about artificial fertilization. More couples than ever are struggling with infertility. If you and your partner are trying to conceive but are yet to become pregnant, you might be starting to think about what your options are. In this post, we will be discussing the artificial fertilization techniques that are available to you.

Artificial fertilization often comes late in a long line of things couples have tried to improve their fertility and chances of becoming pregnant. From diet changes to yoga, general fitness and supplements there are a number of things we would recommend you to explore before arriving at artificial fertilization.

Modern medicine has helped many couples that to conceive and have a healthy child. Here are some of the most efficient and popular artificial fertility treatments available:

1. Artificial insemination


This is the most spread kind of artificial fertilization and has success rates which vary from 5% to 25%. It is called intrauterine insemination (IUI). Within this manipulation, doctors inject enriched dose of semen straight into the uterus with the catheter. They can use your sperm or they can use sperm from a donor. With this method women will also need to consume fertility supplement in order to promote ovulation. You may have such side effect as cramps and malaise when  doctor inject the the catheter.

2. In vitro fertilization


In vitro fertilization often referred to as IVF. During this procedure they take female egg from her ovaries. Then they fertilized these eggs naturally with sperm cells, but in vitro, meaning outside the body in a lab which usually ends in the creation of several embryos. A few of those may be frozen for later use, and two or more may be directly inserted inside the female uterus. This is why IVF patients tend to have twins more often. Before going to in vitro fertilization, women should take fertility enhancement supplements to promote egg cells to come out. This method has success rate between 28 and 35 percent depending on the female partner’s age.

3. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)


ICSI is revolutionary because it requires just one individual sperm cell which gets carefully injected directly into an egg cell. this allows men with very poor sperm quality to father their own children. Once the fertilized egg turned into an embryo of about 8 or 16 cells it, is then  inserted back in the woman’s uterus to implant itself.  Doctors may take your sperm or donor’s sperm with a needle or using biopsy. This manipulation usually ends  in only little discomfort and typically success rate of around 35%.

4. Natural semen volume enhancement

One of the most popular way to increase the amount of sperm you produce is to take semen volume pills like Semenax. It’s worth to try natural products that boost male fertility and sperm count. Semenax is the right pill to use, because it’s medically approved and recommended for men, that suffer from low sperm count. You can see how it works by reading the review site Semenaxmedical. It shows how effective this pill is. What’s the most important – you get permanent results and you can make 500% more sperm after 1-3 weeks.

Dec 172015


Diabetes, thyroid disease are very common problems that would cause problems with sexual function. High blood pressure, heart disease as well, depression – all of these things can cause problems. So doctors look at these first.

So they do that stuff, and if they don’t find diabetes, blood pressure problems, thyroid problems do they stop there or do they do a team approach or something that can get them to the next level for arousal or for female libido problems? It is a good question. I think if these first questions are attained by the internist, their primary care physician, the next step would be to see a gynecologist or specialist who can does a little bit further workup.

For women, a lot of gynecological problems can make changes when a woman reaches menopause they can have changes in the vaginal region which will be a definite component to their sexual dysfunction.


They can have underlying pain syndromes in the pelvis; they can have problems that deal with such as prolapse incontinence of the bladder that will also impact on your sexual function.

So if women are menopausal, would any kind of hormone replacement – testosterone, estrogen – does any of that help? For libido and sexual desire testosterone is a general treatment for women but it is not FDA approved for women. It is FDA approved for men. You can find top rated libido enhancement pills here

We found that even if a female had normal levels of testosterone they can still have a problem and be treated with testosterone successfully. However, there are a lot of side effects for women taking excessive levels of male hormone.

So it is always good to start with estrogen therapy, particularly in the vagina. Because after menopause the tissues change, there is less blood flow, there is less nerve function, tissues are thinner and dryer. And with estrogen it kind of bring things back to what they used to be and then with the blood flow increased, with the nerve function normalized it can help you with all of this sexual dysfunction.

So for most women they would take a tablet or patch for the estrogen but if they have sexual dysfunction perhaps it would use vaginal cream or something like that. Check out this rating of female libido boosters, read reviews and testimonials