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Breast augmentation surgery is such a scary process for those who are planning to do it. There are so many myths that come with breast augmentation surgery. Most of them are not that pleasant and might scare you to the maximum capability that you develop hesitation about doing it. You certainly will need to know which are facts and which are myths. In doing so, you can decide whether you want to have surgery with a clear mind. For that very reason, we would like to tell you all the most common myths when it comes to breast enlargement surgery.

About the feel

The most common breast augmentation surgery myth would usually be about the look and the feel of it. The biggest myth about is that you might come out with an apparent look of fake boobs. You might also be able to tell if your boob is fake by its touch and the likes. Despite so, such thing is actually not correct. You will not be able to tell if one has a breast augmentation surgery unless they go extreme in size, or they say about it. The placement of the implant is general below the muscle so people won’t notice it.

They last forever

Plastic surgery doctor draw line on patient breast augmentation

People will usually assume that breast enlargement is something that you can have forever. The fact is, breast enlargement surgery won’t give you permanent results. You will have to do a thorough maintenance about it because they might leak or break after a long time. Usually, people will change the implant or go to the doctor to check it after ten years. Of course, you can always make it last forever, but you will have to make sure that you are taking care of it.

Apparent surgery scar


The last thing that people are afraid of when considering breast enlargement surgery would be the scar after the surgery. The general myth is that you will be able to see the scar clearly after your wound heal. That is actually not the correct facts. The insertion of the implant into your breast will be done from the best and the most strategic place in your body. It will be done through under the bust, the nipple, or under the arm. You can always make sure that your surgery scar will not affect the look of your new breast at all.

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