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One of the most common problems encountered by men in the sexual department would be the premature ejaculation. It is a condition where you ejaculate faster than you would want it to be. Therefore, you have no complete control over when and where you would like to ejaculate. Luckily, in this era of modern medicine technology, you don’t have to worry anymore about such things. There are so many things that you can do in order to prevent the premature ejaculation to happen using Prosolution Plus. Here are some of the best things that you can do to deal with premature ejaculation – read this Prosolution Plus review

The method of edging

For those who suffers from premature ejaculation, the method of edging could be the long-term solution to their problems. You can always use the method of edging in order to control the flow of ejaculation. The way you do edging is a lot of fun so you can do it on a daily basis. Basically, you just masturbate like usual until you feel like you are about to finish. But right before that, you need to stop and then ultimately end the sensation. Rest for a while and do the same thing again in repetition. This will train you to control your ejaculation.

The Method of Kegel


You might have heard about Kegel before as a form of exercise for women. Despite so, Kegel is not just for women and their vagina. You can also use it to train your PC muscle which is the muscle that controls the flow of ejaculation. Kegel in men is pretty simple to do. You just need to clench the PC muscle which is the muscle between your penis and also your anus. Clench it for several seconds and release it. Do it in repetition for several minutes to see the full result.

Herbal Remedies

Next, one of the best ways to treat your premature ejaculation would be through the use of herbal remedies. There are some herbs that you can use in order to treat your premature ejaculation. They are mostly natural, and they are super safe to be used at any given time. Here are some of the most popular herbs to treat premature ejaculation.

  • Korean Ginseng


Ginseng has always been known to be an excellent herb for male sexuality. It brings a total strength to whoever use it, especially for guys. Not only it will give you strength and stamina, but it will also bring you full control over your sexuality. In another word, you will be able to treat your premature ejaculation problem.

  • Yohimbe


Yohimbe is a herb that originated from the land of Africa. It contains a substance called L-Arginine that can boost the production of testosterone in a man’s body. Therefore, by consuming this herb, you will develop a stronger sexuality. Yohimbe bark will allow you to have an increased quality of sex including lasting longer in bed. Thus, it will be able to treat a premature ejaculation issues if you consume this herb on a regular basis.

There are products like Climinax Ultra that contain most of the herbal extracts, that delay ejaculation. If you choose the right formula, you can last longer in bed. You will need to take pills 1-3 months before you see any changes in your ejaculation time.

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