Dec 172015


Diabetes, thyroid disease are very common problems that would cause problems with sexual function. High blood pressure, heart disease as well, depression – all of these things can cause problems. So doctors look at these first.

So they do that stuff, and if they don’t find diabetes, blood pressure problems, thyroid problems do they stop there or do they do a team approach or something that can get them to the next level for arousal or for female libido problems? It is a good question. I think if these first questions are attained by the internist, their primary care physician, the next step would be to see a gynecologist or specialist who can does a little bit further workup.

For women, a lot of gynecological problems can make changes when a woman reaches menopause they can have changes in the vaginal region which will be a definite component to their sexual dysfunction.


They can have underlying pain syndromes in the pelvis; they can have problems that deal with such as prolapse incontinence of the bladder that will also impact on your sexual function.

So if women are menopausal, would any kind of hormone replacement – testosterone, estrogen – does any of that help? For libido and sexual desire testosterone is a general treatment for women but it is not FDA approved for women. It is FDA approved for men. You can find top rated libido enhancement pills here

We found that even if a female had normal levels of testosterone they can still have a problem and be treated with testosterone successfully. However, there are a lot of side effects for women taking excessive levels of male hormone.

So it is always good to start with estrogen therapy, particularly in the vagina. Because after menopause the tissues change, there is less blood flow, there is less nerve function, tissues are thinner and dryer. And with estrogen it kind of bring things back to what they used to be and then with the blood flow increased, with the nerve function normalized it can help you with all of this sexual dysfunction.

So for most women they would take a tablet or patch for the estrogen but if they have sexual dysfunction perhaps it would use vaginal cream or something like that. Check out this rating of female libido boosters, read reviews and testimonials

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